Brazil Radio - Power Saving 1.1

First power saving online radio globally Only Brazil users customized for Supports full-multitasking with iOS4_______________________________________#Radio stations collectedNova Brasil FM,MPB FM,Energia 97 FM,Radio Apeu FM,CBN Sy£o Paulo,...

Brazil Radio - Power Saving 1.1

First power saving online radio globally

Only Brazil users customized for

Supports full-multitasking with iOS4

#Radio stations collected
Nova Brasil FM,MPB FM,Energia 97 FM,Radio Apeu FM,CBN Sy£o Paulo,Ry¡dio Metry³pole,Jacobina FM,Ry¡dio Itatiaia,Ry¡dio Giga Brasil,Ry¡dio Giga Flash,Ry¡dio Giga Black,98 FM,Acre 98.1 FM,Aline 93.7 FM,Antena 1 Digital FM,BEAT98 FM,Bianca FM,Brasilia Super Radio FM,Canal 21 Cascavel,CBN 90.5 FM,CBN Londrina AM,Cultura 930 AM,Cultura 103.3 FM,Educadora Marechal AM,Eldorado FM,FM 94 Roquete Pinto,Grauna FM,Ipanema FM,JB FM 99.7,JC/CBN FM,Jovem Palmas FM,Jovem Pan AM,Jovem Pan FM,Jovempan 102.9 FM,Justica FM,Karanda FM,Lider FM,Menina FM,Metropolitana FM,Movimento 97.5 FM,Movimento 98.9 FM,Paiquere FM,Perola 104.9 FM,Radio 94 FM,Radio Amazonas,Radio Atalainet,Radio Atlantida,Radio Auri-Verde 760 AM,Radio Cancao Nova AM,Radio Cancao Nova FM,Radio Cidade 94.3 FM,Radio Cultura 93.7 FM,Radio Educadora 94.5 FM,Radio El Shadai 93 FM,Radio Esmeralda 93.1 FM,Radio FM 107,Radio Folha,Radio Fraternidade FM,Radio Globo 1100 AM,Radio Globo 1220 AM,Radio Globo 1400 AM,Radio Igapo 1120 FM,Radio Inconfidencia 100.9 FM,Radio Lider FM,Radio Nuevo Tiempo,Radio Paiquere,Radio Panorama,Radio Paradiso FM,Radio Planalto AM,Radio Presidente Prudente,Radio Roquete Pinto FM,Radio Rural AM,Radio Sintonia,Radio Transamerica 91.7 FM,Radio Transamerica Pop PR 100.3 FM,Radio Unijui,Radio Unisinos,Radio USP 93.7 FM,Radio Vale Verde,Rio Verde 106.1 FM,Sao Carlos FM,Sentinela do Vale AM,Sul Moreninhas FM,Ternura 99.3 FM,Top 98.3 FM,Transamerica Balneario Camboriu 99.7 FM,Verde Vale,Verdes Pampas FM 102.1,Clube Brasil,Ry¡dio Ýmega Hitz,Caraibas FM 100.7,Live1.FM Chill & Lounge,Radio Circuito Mix,Ry¡dio Executiva FM,Live1.FM Trance,Music Radio,Radio VTN Brasil Country,Ry¡dio Nacional AM,Ry¡dio Sociedade de Bahia,Ry¡dio Nacional da Amazy´nia,Ry¡dio Rooytz Voxx,Ry¡dio Paz e Vida,Ry¡dio Interativa FM,Meio Norte FM,Radio Antena 102,Seteponto7,Ry¡dio Cidade Web Gospel,Ry¡dio MEC AM,Kativa FM,Ry¡dio Giga Eletry´nica,Liberdade FM,Live1.FM House,Radio VTN Brasil Country,Ry¡dio Cidade Web Hits,Ry¡dio MegaSong,Ry¡dio Nova 1,Nossa Ry¡dio FM,Ry¡dio Total Hitz,Ry¡dio Ultra FM,Ry¡dio VV Brasil,Live1.FM Techno,Arany£s FM,JUMP Brazil,Karen Koltrane Radio,Ry¡dio Link Music Web,Ry¡dio Ambes,Ry¡dio ONE,Ry¡dio Nacional Rio,Radio Web 105

#Functions and features
.Most advanced techonology of decoding and playing audio stream, with over 15% of power saved against similar apps
.Easy, fast and convenient interface
.Listen by only one click
.Volume control by sliding on touch screen
.Station search
.Hint when buffering station
.Memorize station last listened when start
.Time switch off, and hint of countdown
.Background play after screenlock

#Services and supports
If any opinion or suggesion occurs, please do not hesitate to contact us:

#Attentive hints
.Not all station is available 24h, so please listen during work hours
.Traffic fee of listening radio for NON-WIFI user, please check it with local service provider
.Most power-saving mode is at 45~60% volume


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